Traffic Exchange System

We need as much traffic as possible coming to our lead capture pages and websites. 

Traffic Exchanges will allow our website to be seen by hundreds of people each day (if everyone follows the system).

I have used a similar system in the past and was able to generate over 70,000 visitors to our team website in another company. This resulted in leads and signups.

This is a team concept. The more people who participate the more hits our website will receive.

The system below is designed to help everyone on our team obtain leads for the 911 Gas Card Program.

This is separate from the co-op as this will be set up on a different rotator link. 

Participation is optional.

Here is how it works:

Everyone who participates will receive a Trafficwave Tracking Url. I will add your lead capture page to a rotator for this splash page - (do not advertise this page. I will assign a tracking link).

The rotator will be attached to the Pay It Forward Card.

Follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to and sign up for a Gmail account to use specifically for this campaign.

Step 2:
Sign up for one or more of the following Traffic Exchanges. If you already have an account with the exchanges listed you can skip to Step 3.

Viral URL
Adland Pro
Top Surfer
Start Exchange 

(Note: if you are a member of another Traffic Exchange please feel free to use it.)

Step 3
. Log into your Traffic Exchange and add your Trafficwave Tracking website link. If you do not have this please email me and I will assign you a link. 

Each TE will be different so look for the add a website button.

Step 4
Each person in the rotator will be responsible for driving 1400 hits to the rotator each week. 

This can be accomplished two ways:

1. Purchase traffic exchange credits and allow the site to automatically rotate throughout the exchange. (highly recommended). You will need to add your credits to your website link. This is explained within the Traffic Exchange.

2. Manually surf 200 sites each day. You will need to log into your Traffic Exchange account and manually add the hits to your website.

In order to participate in this you must have a lead capture page. If you do not have a lead capture page please log into your Trafficwave account and click on AUTORESPONDER then CAPTURE PAGES/FORMS then HOSTED CAPTURE PAGES.

Here is a sample page I created -
If you do not have a Trafficwave account you can use your 911 Gas Card affiliate page.

There are only two rules:

Rule 1. Generate 1400 hits to the rotator each week
Rule 2. If you do not generate hits to the rotator your link will be removed immediately.

If you would like to participate please send me an email and include your lead capture page or 911 Gas Card page.